“Rhino Story” original collection

It might be easy to dismiss rhinos as mere dangerous hideous beasts. They were never elevated as objects of elegance and magnificence. In fact, most of us see rhinos as a symbol of stubbornness, if not rage.

However, rhinos share more qualities with us humans than we conventionally think. Like rhinos, we spend much of our lives feeling hunted—making us feel the need to defend ourselves. Even if we strive for peace and serenity, our fear and confusion push us to charge aggressively into life. It might look as if we have unbreakable skin, so it may surprise others—or even ourselves—to learn that we are actually quite sensitive.

Like us, rhinos are charming and captivating once we move past our prejudices.

As I browsed through pictures of rhinos, it dawned on me how much we tend to overlook so much of life. We forget to slow down and take the time to notice our surroundings.

Beauty can be found where we least expect it.

These oil painting aims to subvert the rhino as a symbolism of enmity. My goal is to establish the rhino as a symbol for open-mindedness. I want you to make it easy for you to adopt your own rhino. Let their stocky figures, skin texture, sheer size, and strange horns remind us to consider beauty in places we’ve never taken the time to notice.

My oil paintings seek to expand the perspectives of everybody—myself included. It’s easy to remain stuck grounded with details and idiosyncrasies of the real world. Time and again, we all need art to fly our heads up into the clouds for a bird’s eye view on a world of ideas and emotion. We need better understanding and more appreciation now more than ever.

“BlueGhost” oil/canvas 30″x48″

“Sudan”, oil/canvas 30″x40″

“Rhino”, oil/canvas 18″x24″

“Still Young”, oil/canvas, 24″x30″

This exclusive one of a kind painted palette is a cherry on the top of “Rhino Story” collection. This is the very first palette in the artist collection, so don’t miss this highly valuable collectors item.

“Walking forward” oil/wooden pallet

“Power”, oil/canvas, 30″x40″

“Lime Rhino”, oil/canvas,  18″x24″

“Rhino-Friend” oil/canvas, 30″x40″




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