elephant canvas wall art, “white elephant” oil painting


Elephant canvas wall art, original oil painting, 20″x30″

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Black and white wall art

Wildlife paintings always a great choice if you want to bring life and energy into your living space. Even black and white wall art will revive your interior. This gentle painted elephant combines piece and live in itself and will be a great solution for your home or office. Animal paintings make great gifts, especially elephants. Elephants are symbolic animals and symbolize gentleness, wisdom, and strength.  Elephant wall art gift is a great way to make a compliment to a person.

This original oil painting was created in the artist’s studio and signed by the artist. It is painted on 30″x20″x1 1/2″ canvas and ready to go on the wall straight from the box. Add a personal touch and make this animal art piece even more beautiful by adding a frame to it because a frame always enhances the painting.

Please check other wildlife paintings and create beautiful compositions of wildlife art.

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