artworks for kitchen walls “Watermelon” oil painting


Small kitchen artwork, 12″x16″, original oil painting



Kitchen artwork

Bright and bold painting is the best kitchen artwork you could think of. There is no other place in your house like the kitchen, that’s why this area should be positive, vibrant and enjoyable. This fruit wall art kitchen decor will make you smile every morning while sipping your favorite coffee. There are no more gray days for you, only bright and happy with this kitchen wall art.

You can create kitchen wall art sets with other still life paintings from “Juicy collection”. Move them around, create beautiful compositions, hang them on the wall or set them on the shelf-sky is a limit.

This original still life painting of watermelon was inspired by the colors we’re lacking in everyday life. Everybody choose “safe” colors and we forget to leave some room for adventurous part of our souls. Express yourself and forget about boredom when choosing the right frame for this piece.

The size is 12″x16″, the frame is not included.

Ships in2-7 business days


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