Bridal custom portrait

A custom painted bridal portrait is a unique and beautiful way to breathe new life into the valuable memories of your wedding day. It won’t be like any other memento of your history as a couple, and each time you look at it, you both will be drawn back to one of the happiest days of your life.

I am a passionate artist who can turn your beloved photographs into one-of-a-kind hand-painted portraits. Through my imagination and skills, I will breathe life into even the most minimal details of every image.

If you are looking for a style of bridal portraits no one else has, request a piece of wedding artwork now.



1. Are you a traditional bride/groom that is preparing to get married? Make an appointment, so you can get your portrait done as soon as your photographer returns your wedding pictures.

2. Have you been married for a while and always wanted to get your portrait done? This is your opportunity to do so, for tomorrow never seems to come.

3. Are you looking for a gift for your husband/wife for your anniversary? Seriously, you can’t get a better gift idea than that!

4. Have you always wanted to give something meaningful to your parents for their anniversary, they, who have been the best example for you? Needless to comment.

5. Are you renewing your vows after being married for a long time? It will be the best memory ever.

Let’s get your bridal portrait done!

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Please note, I work in my own unique style and I don’t just copy a photograph. I create a unique image of you, I create art, not just copying what is already created, so you will have to wait in excitement because you never know 🙂



1. You will need to send me a request, click here

2. Within the next 36 hours, I will respond to you and we can discuss your project.

I will ask you to provide bridal pictures, then we will set up a date your portrait will be done and I will provide you with a price for your portrait. (Please note that I stay true to my style, but I appreciate your input and your personal desires, and I will certainly consider them)

3. You will need to complete the contact form and will be required to pay an upfront deposit.

4. I will start your portrait at the agreed time. Sketches and works in progress can be presented to you upon request. You can keep all process as a surprise for yourself and see how the finished portrait will take shape. I promise to do everything possible to make you absolutely love it. I won’t take any less than that response once I have completed the portrait.

5. After you’ve seen and approved the portrait, you will be required to pay the remaining portion of your payment. When your portrait has completely dried, I will ship it directly to you.

That’s it!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Do you want to learn more about this special expirience?

Lena is truly talented and passionate about every piece she paints for her clients. I gave her a picture from my wedding day that I wanted to be painted on a canvas. She went far beyond what I expected with every detail from the picture of myself. Every time I look at it I now reminisce on that moment in time on my wedding day. It went from a picture to a moment in time I will cherish forever! Thank you, Lena, for capturing every detail from my photo and bringing it to life in your painting!


I absolutely love my bridal portrait that Lena painted. The first time I saw it I was brought to tears. It looks so much like my photo. I love all the details she included. I also love the black and white, it is classic. This piece is so precious and I will treasure it forever.


“I’m so thankful to Lena for capturing our special day this way. I am in love with the details of the painting and the fact that its b+w. I particularly love the way the background still has depth but allows the profile to shine”



Questions? email me at
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I ship worldwide!


Looking for a  great way to honor your husband? You know that you are his favorite person and this gift will be a  meaningful investment in your marriage that will make you rich in love and respect.Honor your body while honoring him.
And yeah, leave him speechless, make him cry of happiness, and smile non-stop because he made the right choice by choosing you!



Discount does not apply to commission work unless agreed with the artist.
Head and shoulders portrait
12″x16″ $470
16″x20″ $620

Full body portrait
16″x20″ $780
18″x24″ $1100
20″x30″ $1800
30″x40″ $2300

Dress painting
 16″x20″ $590
18″x24″  $890
20″x30″  $ 1300
30″x40″  $2100

Bouquet painting
10″x10″ $240
20″x20″ $465
All the artwork will be painted with oil paints on a gallery wrapped canvas. You can make your choice of black and white, black and white with a hint of color, sepia (brownish color) or antique colors (I can work with realistic colors by request).
Please note! The prices are estimated and might very depend on the complexity of work.
For an additional face in the portrait extra cost will be charged.
The painting will arrive unframed unless agreed otherwise.
I ship worldwide.